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Fan Favorites

Posted by GM/VP of Fan Operations on Friday, July 17, 2009

Every Friday I’ll post links to things I found interesting. It’s a new idea I call a “Link Dump.” Guaranteed you’ll find thousands of blogs start to do the same thing in the coming weeks and months. Just remember where you saw this idea first.

Baseball Research Veers Into Left Field By Austin Kelley, Wall Street Journal – By now most die hard sports fans know that there a strong statistical undercurrent in the world of sports scouting and that, for the most part, it started with baseball. This article talks about other kinds of sabermetric studies that I’m sure Malcolm Gladwell love.

Everyone Is Now The Sports Media By Howard K. Brodwin, MediaPost – What’s the opposite of stupid? Smart? Brodwin writes a very intelligent piece on the new sports media.

Twitter’s Internal Strategy Laid Bare: To Be “The Pulse of the Planet” By Erick Schonfeld, TechCrunch – So a hacker broke into a Twitter executive’s emails and data and sent this information to TechCrunch. The information was Twitter’s long-term plans and goals. TC claims that they selectively published these so to not hurt Twitter.


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2nd Ever Fan of the Week Contest: Call the Play

Posted by GM/VP of Fan Operations on Monday, June 1, 2009

The rules for the “Fan of the Week” Contest are simple. E-mail your answer to the contest to With your answer send your name and any shout-out you might like me to give (your blog, Twitter/LinkedIn account, etc.). All you win is the shout-out and your posted answer. Winners are posted the following week with the new contest.

OK. So I want to apologize for not posting in over a week. I really do. I’d love to apologize. But listen, I purposely did it to get some responses to the Fan of the Week Contest. In two weeks I had 3. THREE! This is unacceptable of you fans. You’re all better than that. This week I’m counting on all of you to do your best.

Maybe I’m putting too much of the blame on you. A Big Baby Mad Lib the day after they were eliminated was a little harsh (side note: really? The Magic beat the Celtics in 7 and then the Cavs in 6? Really? Stan van Gundy is coaching a team in the NBA Finals? REALLY?). Hopefully this one is better. I call it “Call the Play.”

Here’s the deal: There are a few memorable calls for great sports moments that we all know, love, and will remember hearing that call with that moment forever. This week I want you to e-mail me the link (again to a clip of a sports moment you love and type in the e-mail’s body what you would say as the color commentator. Here are two of my favorite calls.

“Do you believe in Miracles?” – “YES!”

Bobby Orr’s Stanley Cup Game Winning Goal (30 second mark) “Orr, behind the net to Sanderson-ORR! Bobby Orr scores and the Boston Bruins have won the Stanley Cup!”

Now it’s your turn. Go and find a clip and call the play like you were in the booth. PS – Many of the broadcast clips are hard to find because of copy rights so if it’s just an amateur shot from a fan in the stands, that’s acceptable.

Here’s last week’s (two weeks ago’s) winning mad lib as written by Emily and Rachel. I promise that the winner of this week’s contest will be posted next Monday.

Sunday morning Glen Davis woke up and took his Flintstone multivitamins. He walked into the bathroom where he admired himself I the mirror for an hour. When he finished, Big Baby walked to his living room and decided to play with his Wii Fit on the couch. Excited by his performance and gleeful as could be, Baby decided to celebrate by taking his scooter out for a joyride.

After about an hour Baby decided to stop at local learning center, where he saw his teammate Paul Pierce doing community service. As it happened, both were hungry and decided to go out for tacos. When finished, Davis offered Pauly a ride to the game that night.

“I feel great about tonight’s game,” said Davis “I think I’m going to put up about 48 shots and probably make 11. You guys better stay out of my way under the basket too, I’m getting every rebound.”

“Haha, why don’t you just chill?” Pierce responded. “We’ll just go out there and do what we always do. How about you only take 2 jumpers?”

“Are you kidding me? Between you not knowing the difference between a jump up shot and a board, and Doc not giving me enough minutes I have to go out there and fuck shit up.”

That night the Celtics hosted the Oklahoma Storm. Baby finished the game with 5 points, 0 assists, -4 rebounds, and 6 fouls through 8 minutes.

“How’d you do it?” Woo-Woo asked after the game.

“I don’t know. It was an expected game for me and an amazing game for the team.”

After the game Baby met up with Doc and they decided to go to the strip club. When they got there, Baby had 2 drinks of sex on the beach and was hammered, his favorite post-game beverage. His stripper friend, Candy, bought him two more and they decided to retire for the evening to her trailer.

Baby that night played his best game ever. Would he ever do it again? Hell yes. One thing for sure is that Big Baby was a Big winner that night.

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