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Posted by GM/VP of Fan Operations on Friday, July 24, 2009

Every Friday I’ll post links to things I found interesting. It’s a new idea I call a “Link Dump.” Guaranteed you’ll find thousands of blogs start to do the same thing in the coming weeks and months. Just remember where you saw this idea first.

LeBron’s attempt to hide college kid’s dunk disturbingly revealing By Phil Taylor, – Listen, we’ve all seen the videos by now and we’re all disappointed in them. They were nothing. However, it is alarming that the athlete whom best transcends the four major American sports would act like this. I like LeBron and it would be unfortunate if he became the next fallen star. On a side link: the Associated Press has reported that Nike will return the tapes to their original owners. Nike said “It was never about the play or the player, it was about our media policy.” It’s interesting to note that those who filmed the dunk never intended to get that on tape either and clearly have more footage than just those few seconds of inglorious dunkage. So if it wasn’t about the play or player, why return the tapes and go against your media policy?

Why the Premier League can’t keep up By Chris Lesley, Sports Agent Blog – Really interesting piece. It was interesting to see that Russia had the lowest tax rate of the mentioned countries second only to the UAE. Russia used to be communist right?

The 10 best sporting events to see live By Rick Reilly, ESPN – OK let’s make one thing clear: If I ever see the Iditarod live I’ve had a nervous breakdown and moved to Alaska where I also hope to watch Russell Crowe captain a team of pond hockey players that improbably face-off against the NHL’s New York Rangers.

‘Is Tim Tebow a Virgin?’ and Other Burning Questions for SEC Media Days By Clay Travis, FanHouse – I have wondered multiple times if the Gators quarterback remains abstinent. He is renowned to be one of the most God-Fearing male athletes of our time so it wouldn’t be a stretch if he is a virgin. Could he really have the discipline to turn down the many girls that approach him? And if so, who’s to say he doesn’t have the discipline to be a good NFL quarterback? Oh, this article also talks about SEC football by the way.


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