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Waiting for My Pitch…

Posted by GM/VP of Fan Operations on Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Searching for a job or internship is a lot like stepping up to the plate in baseball. Every time you’re in the batter’s box you hope to hit a home run the same way you hope your job search will yield the dream opportunity. Good batters know they can’t knock one out every time, but they know their chances are better if they wait for a pitch they like.

If you swing at a pitch that isn’t yours or take a job you don’t want you are limiting your opportunities. You’ll likely perform poorly and any success you have comes with a low ceiling.

Sometimes, of course, you have to swing at pitches you’d otherwise pass on. If you are down two strikes and he throws another your only option is to swing. Taking a job for the sake of having one isn’t ideal but it’s better than unemployment.

This fall I will be interning in the sports industry and to this point I have stayed patient and sought only positions that are right for me. Two companies have told me they are not yet hiring for the fall, others I still haven’t heard back from, and one site has told me that I will not be interning with them.

I know which pitches I need to lay off and which I can take deep, then there are others, still, that can be hits or outs. I want a home run but I need to get on base. I want an internship that fits my strengths but I need to get experience in sports.

As the fall semester approaches my focus is shifting from want to need, but I remain hopeful that I’ll get my pitch.

Here’s the 2-1 offering. I’m sitting curve ball, low and inside…


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