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3rd Ever Fan of the Week Contest: Brett Favre is Retired, Move On

Posted by GM/VP of Fan Operations on Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The rules for the “Fan of the Week” Contest are simple. E-mail your answer to the contest to With your answer send your name and any shout-out you might like me to give (your blog, Twitter/LinkedIn account, etc.). All you win is the shout-out and your posted answer. Winners are posted the following week with the new contest.

It’s not Monday or Tuesday. Today is Wednesday. Here’s this week’s installment of the failing experiment known as the Fan of the Week Contest. Matt was last week’s winner with a great call for a bone crushing hit. He writes his own great blog called the Buddy Pass.

Now listen. I will do this forever. I’m not giving up on this experiment because once this site’s traffic goes through the roof and I’ve got more readers you’ll see some great effort out there.

Here’s the deal for this week. I want you to write a letter. Doesn’t need to be long, just something short and sweet, a paragraph will do. You have two options with your letter. The first is to tell Brett Favre to go away. The second is to tell the media to stop covering any story with Brett Favre (yes, I see the irony in that I’m making a contest about Brett Favre related when I wish he would just go away).

Here’s last week’s winning play call from Matt. Make sure to go read his blog The Buddy Pass.

“Simply stated…Stevens just put Kozlov down for the count. Goodnight.”


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