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1st Ever Fan of the Week Contest: Glen “Big Baby” Davis Mad Lib

Posted by GM/VP of Fan Operations on Monday, May 18, 2009

Glen "Big Baby" DavisIntroducing the Fan’s 1st Ever “Fan of the Week” Contest. Now, I think I might be in the minority with this, but I was not a Glen Davis fan. Last night him and his defending World Champion Boston Celtics were dispatched by the Orlando Magic. I want to know what you think about Big Baby using this mad lib.

The rules for the “Fan of the Week” Contest are simple. E-mail your answer to the contest to With your answer send your name and any shout-out you might like me to give (your blog, Twitter/LinkedIn account, etc.). All you win is the shout-out and your posted answer. Winners are posted the following week with the new contest.

Sunday morning Glen Davis woke up and _______________. He walked into the bathroom where he _______________. When he finished, Big Baby walked to his _______________ room and decided to _______________ on the _______________. Excited by his performance and gleeful as could be, Baby decided to celebrate by taking his _______________ out for a joyride.

After about an hour Baby decided to stop at _______________, where he saw his teammate _______________. As it happened, both were hungry and decided to go out for _______________. When finished, Davis offered _______________ a ride to the game that night.

“I feel _______________ about tonight’s game,” said Davis “I think I’m going to put up about _______________ shots and probably make _______________. You guys better stay out of my way under the basket too, I’m getting every rebound.”

“Haha, why don’t you just chill?” _______________ responded. “We’ll just go out there and do what we always do. How about you only take _______________ jumpers?”

“Are you kidding me? Between you not knowing the difference between a _______________ and a _______________, and Doc not giving me enough minutes I have to go out there and _______________.”

That night the Celtics hosted the _______________. Baby finished the game with _______________ points, _______________ assists, _______________ rebounds, and _______________ fouls through _______________ minutes.

“How’d you do it?” _______________ asked after the game.

“I don’t know. It was a _______________ game for me and a _______________ game for me.”

After the game Baby met up with _______________ and they decided to go to _______________. When they got there, Baby had _______________ drinks of _______________, his favorite post-game beverage. _______________ bought him two more and they decided to retire for the evening to _______________.

Baby that night played his _______________ game ever. Would he ever do it again? _______________. One thing for sure is that Big Baby was a Big _______________ that night.


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